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Lowe Family Of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Lowe Family Picnic - 1998

Hayley Lowe:

The Lowe family picnic in 1998 was hosted at Earl Rowe Provincial Park by Lorraine & Sara Parkes and, yours truly, Frank Sheffield & Valerie Hatcher. It was attended by 45 family members and close family friends and a good time was had by all. We had representation from all branches of the family including our American cousins, the Reids, who traveled all the way from New York just to be with us. We really appreciate that, and are all so happy when they attend our functions. In alphabetical order, the Davis', Lowes, Reids, Sheffields, Trents and Wulckows were all well represented.

We also had a chance to welcome our newest member, Hayley Lowe, who arrived in this world in mid 1997. She is the daughter of Dr. David Lowe and his wife Jacqui, and grand daughter of Art and Millie. If Joseph Lowe and Evelyn Maynard could only see what they've created, I'm sure they would be quite pleased.

This years events featured a scavenger hunt, horse shoes, baseball, swimming and, of course, the annual balloon toss.


The baseball game was won by Vince Lowe's hand selected squad of ragamuffins who trounced Art Lowe's team 5-3 dispite the fact that they had a ringer, Andrew (far right, white shirt, black shorts in the losers' picture), who was practicing on the ball diamond when we arrived. The guy kneeling in the winners picture wearing the "Roots" shirt, Rob Davis, is a "wanna be" winner. He played on the losing team but snuck in for a photo op with the winners. The final out was a hot grounder to the short stop , Stephan (red shirt, front row in winners picture), who scooped it up with the grace of Ozzie Smith and made an easy play to yours truly on first base.

The balloon toss was won by Reg Sheffield and André Wulckow who were the only two who could toss the balloon that far after taking that last step backwards.

Several people found all the items required for the scavenger hunt and collected prizes, however, little Alex Osti (holding the bats in the winners' baseball picture) was awarded the special prize for finding the "big yellow bolt" which was well hidden under a piece of bark in a tree.

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